How to SAVE your Life

It is a story worth telling


Turn your memories into memoirs -  whether it's your personal recollections,
a life story,  your family history,  your community history,  your company history –
in book form, on CD, or DVD.


 Your memoirs create the most precious and lasting legacy
for your family and friends.


 Your memoirs ensure that your story
 will not be lost to the generations that follow.



Memoirs Publishing, in Melbourne Australia, offers all the services required to produce your book either from a guided interview with a personal historian, or from your own manuscript.


This includes transcription, editing and proof reading, formatting and typesetting, design and printing. Where required, we offer advice and assistance with publicity and the launching of your book.





"To write one's first book is
one thing —
but how to get it into print
is the greatest hurdle!


Memoirs Foundation
helped me to do just that,
with great professionalism,  compassion and understanding.


Thank you."


M. Cartwright,

Rosebud, Vic

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