The Meaning of Your Personal History


By telling your story now, you allow future generations to discover the personalities, experiences and wisdom of those who came before them. It's turning your memories into lasting Memoirs.

Your Memoirs record the many stories in your life as only you can tell them, in words or images.

You create a vivid portrait in sharp detail as:


  An account of an individual's life, or a memoir focusing on a particular event

or period of time.

  Family history bringing ancestors to life through the stories behind the statistics

of a  family tree.

 The history of a community, an organisation or group, as told through the stories

of the people involved.


"Each personal story is an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our nation's history." Dr Arnold Bonnet, Editor


"Thank you for being so committed in advising, recording, editing and producing my life-story.


During the nine hours of guided interviewing, your personal historian was extremely helpful,

professional and understanding.


The book looks great, and I'm so excited with the results."



Mrs M.Allen,Cowes, Vic