Why there is No Greater Gift!

Personal Histories or Memoirs allow people to share their unique life journeys, including their challenges, joys, talents, life decisions and philosophies.


No matter how ordinary one's own life may seem at times, you will be surprised how your family, descendants and friends will be inspired by the stories you can tell.


What your Memoirs mean


  A priceless and permanent legacy for

present and future generations


  An historical record of an era, offering

insight into its social and cultural

customs, and important events that

affected your life


  A valuable opportunity to review and

reflect on your life

When is the Best Time to Start?


How often have you heard people lament;

"If only my ancestors had written their story",

"We meant to get down Dad's (or Mum's or Grandma's...) stories, but never got around

to it, and now it's too late!"


Are they going to say the same about you?


Procrastination usually results in stories getting lost or forgotten forever.  So don't wait,

the best time to start your memoirs is now!



"I did enjoy the experience of producing 'My Memoirs',
for my one hundredth birthday,
and you were very helpful
in the preparation and advice
 you gave.


It has been received with many accolades, and I am delighted
with the book."


Mrs M. Maclean,

Hawthorn, Vic