"When I started writing my manuscript, I thought I would never be able to finish it, but the interview by your personal historian was vital in completing my story.

Thank you for your understanding, your professional attention to every detail, and for organising a very successful booklaunch."


Mrs S. Gimesy,

Chelsea Heights, Vic

About Memoir Publishing


Memoir Publishing (formerly Memoirs Foundation) was formed to enable ordinary citizens to tell their personal story as the part they have played in the making of our society, and in providing a heritage for its future.


Our objective is to develop and offer affordable means, methods and professional expertise to the average person. We aim to prove to potential clients how invaluable their stories are, not only to their families and friends, but also to our country's ongoing history.


In this way we can encourage individual Australians and groups, in all walks of life and diverse cultures, to put their stories on record, as the most precious and lasting legacy to the generations that will follow.